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The Question Everything Lab

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We explore the global-scale connections between energy and three interrelated yet distinct topics:

1) Geophysical systems
2) Biological systems
3) Society and technology

Our goal is to uncover the hidden forces which shape our world, by following energy as it flows through and connects all things. In our booth you will find:

Scientists who are excited to share their expertise and prepared to discuss a wide range of topics, including the many creative ideas of our visitors

Concrete, tactile demonstrations to illustrate the interplay of energy with everyday life, and how our choices as individuals and societies translates into environmental impact

A visual library of relevant, accessible scientific information on energy, ecology, and their intersection

A laboratory in which visitors are invited to go deeper and apply a scientific way of thinking to any topic they are curious about, donning scientific garb and recording their journey in an open source, community laboratory notebook

We want to empower all of our visitors to explore, interrogate, and synthesize their understanding of the world.

Sunday at 2:15, the the Question Everything Laboratory will host the University of Oregon Science Showdown on Kesey Stage! Come watch UO scientists sing, dance, and act out their research in 10 minutes or less and help us crown the most lucid, compelling, and entertaining scientists!