Saturday Schedule (2018)

11:15 Njuzu Mbira Music Enchanting, beautiful, lively traditional mbira music from the Shona people of Zimbabwe.
12:15 OCF Singer Songwriter
Music 8-10 artists perform 2 songs each in OCF’s best and longest running showcase of singer/songwriter talent.  
2:15 Stan Physics Vaudeville “Dr”. Stan Micklavzina from the University of Oregon Physics Department return to the Fair with interactive with energetic demos in Energy Park! Physics and Tesla! A shocking good time!
3:15 Hypersapian Music Hypersapien is a Eugene band blending rock with jazz fusion and world music elements to create a unique and varied sound.
4:15 Sunray Kelley
& Wynter Byrnes
Spoken Word Dynamic breath work, increasing out connection between body, mind and spirit. The magic slips in.
5:15 Charlotte Thistle & Andy Short Music Soul, Substance and Sass: Charlotte takes on motherhood, the “me too” movement and euthanasia in a provocative collection of new songs
6:15 Kudana Music Entertaining crowds for over twenty-five years with their energetic marimba performances.