Saturday Schedule 2019

11:15 Dr. Atomic’s Medicine Show Music Razor-sharp political satire with music
12:15 Malderine Music Malderine is a singer/songwriter whose hauntingly poetic voice weaves songs of love and heartbreak.
1:15 OCF Singer/Songwriter Showcase Music 8-10 artists perform songs in this OCF sampler of talent including: John Craigie, Buckman Coe & more
3:15 Climate Change Solution Spoken Word Help active a national, bipartisan solution that will reduce carbon emissions by 90%!
4:15 Jeremy James Meyer Spoken Word Youngest child–Carbon based, bi-pedal life form, slinging 1-4-5 progressions in many keys.
5:15 Brett Sisun Group Music Jazz, Folk, Storytelling, Comedy, Art Performance
6:15 Kudana Music Entertaining crowds for over twenty-five years with their energetic marimba performances.