Sunday Schedule 2019

11:15 Katie Sontag Music Katie writes songs for her own healing and transformation and seeks to inspire the same in others
12:15 Crow Drummers Music Original Dunun drum rhythms inspired by traditions of the Hamana region of Guinea West Africa  
1:15 OCF Singer Songwriter
Music 8-10 artists perform 2 songs each in OCF’s best and longest running showcase of singer/songwriter talent.  
3:15 OCF Science Showdown: You’re the judge! Vaudeville UO scientists sing, dance, and act out their research in 10 minutes or less – you choose the winner!
4:15 Space Neighbors Music An intergalactic journey with original retro future classics out of Corvallis
5:15 Charlotte Thistle & Friends Music Kicking at the darkness til it bleeds daylight
6:15 Hypersapien Music Hypersapien blends rock, jazz fusion and world music to create a unique and varied sound.