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Center for Rural Livelihoods

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Center for Rural Livelihoods is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is “to create and strengthen pathways to rural livelihoods that harmoniously advance social, economic and ecological resilience.”

Our flagship program supports a growing network of local forestry practitioners engaged in climate-smart, eco-forestry whose ambition is to develop forest products supply chains–and particularly affordable house material–autonomous from the dominant wood products industries. We have workforce and entrepreneurial training programs towards that purpose.

Our work is informed by Traditional Ecological Knowledge and in growing relation to indigenous land stewards. Our efforts to build up the sector of regenerative forestry serves the ultimate goal of decommodifying land and housing while providing meaningful labor within our fire-ridden and drought-stricken ecology and within the corporate-dominated economy.

Further, residents at our forty-acre campus have launched dozens of transformative projects in the region and throughout the world. We host a Residential Incubator Program for a select number of individuals and families who live on-site and are engaged in mission-aligned projects.

The Center for Rural Livelihoods is an outgrowth from the groundwork laid by forty-two years of Aprovecho’s innovative work in construction (with straw bale insulation, earthen materials, and small-diameter timber construction), organic agro-ecology, eco-forestry, and efficient wood-burning cookstove design now used by tens of millions of people around the world.