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Center for Rural Livelihoods

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The CRL contributes to and promotes a reparative and equitable social system based on ecological regeneration. We envision a collaborative, dynamic culture and economy around regenerative forestry.

We promote a grassroots, democratic society rooted in the practices of eco-forestry, agroforestry, ecological restoration, and land stewardship.

We do this by educating youth, fostering collaboratives of practitioners, partnerships with Indigenous-led organizations, finding socially beneficial outlets (such as affordable housing) for materials from climate-smart, fire-wise land stewardship. Through our work we have incubated dozens of transformative projects in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the world.

The CRL is the manifestation of the groundwork laid by forty-two years of Aprovecho’s innovative work in myriad components of sustainable living including in construction with straw bale insulation, earthen materials, and small-diameter timber construction, organic agro-ecology, eco-forestry, and efficient wood-burning cookstove design now used by tens of millions of people around the world.

Visit our website or come and talk to us at Energy Park at the Oregon Country Fair to learn more.